healthcare sector stock prices have increased more than 5-10%

Novel Coronavirus is the most disaster than any virus in history. It has not only impacted human life but also shrinks economy growth. Major economies like US, China, Russia etc. are all affected.

Stock Market has fall off damaging major sectors like Airlines, hotel, tourism etc. Virus spread has left businesses around the world counting costs and wondering what recovery could look like.

The information flow about the coronavirus pandemic is truly electrifying, with big public market swings in the pharma industry.  The healthcare sector is at the epicenter of this unprecedented global pandemic challenge and the private sector has risen to the occasion, by offering to the government all the support it needs, be it testing support, preparing isolation beds for the treatment of Covid-19 positive patients or deploying equipment.

Investors should pay special attention to the varieties of healthcare stocks. During Pandemic, healthcare stock price has increased more than 5-10% in 2 quarters of 2020 and with ongoing and even post pandemic there will be a significant scope of improvement in this sector.

Below are the few healthcare stocks which are best valued in 2020-21

Few fast-growing stocks in healthcare sector

Few Healthcare stocks with the most momentum.

All the above stocks are part of healthcare industries for research and development. Hundreds of new hospitals are constructed and post pandemic technology will play major role in improvising the healthcare sector. When the pandemic is under control, it is unlikely we will pick up where we left off. Health systems will be faced with majority of choices for how to best move forward.

The future of our healthcare system would include virtual reality, 3D printing and prosthetics, augmented reality, and even robotic healthcare workers. Like Frontline healthcare and few other companies workers have been on their toes working on these technologies by doing online assessment and providing solutions over phone.

Pharmaceuticals will also play major role in developing and supplying medicines in large quantity during pandemic. In ongoing finding of antidote major companies stock are increased by more than 6%.

Medical experts and senior scientists are already looking at major changes that are guaranteed to become healthcare and technology’s future. For any Country health sector will be next national security to overcome such situation.

Based on technical and fundamental analysis here are few healthcare stocks which grow post Pandemic.

  1. Perrigo Co. PLC
  2. Amedisys Inc.
  3. Encompass Health Corp.
  4. LHC Group Inc.
  5. Centene Corp.
  6. Cerner Corp.
  7. Teladoc Health Inc.
  8. Dexcom Inc.
  9. Hologic Inc.
  10. Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
  11. Danaher Corp.
  12. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

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